Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why loose sleep by worrying about office activities??

Why loose sleep by worrying about office activities??

 You are well aware of the complexities of business with regards to procurement/ manufacturing, sales, collection, inventories and so on.
Added to this are requirements like timely deposit of government dues such as Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax, VAT, PF, ESI, etc. and submission of numerous reports to various government agencies.
Non -adherence to the date for payment of dues or submission of reports, result into penalties. 
Once in arrears for either the deposit of dues or report submission, the problem gets compounded in the form of availability of cash flow and accommodation in already tight employee work schedules.
Moreover, the requirement for Compliances of the above is ever changing and new requirement keep cropping up every time.

The simple solution is not to let these things accumulate and keep refining the requirement to almost perfect level, in a short span of time and keep it that way.

Enter “Compliance Mantra”, a web based and window based software solution. . It is a complete one stop solution for defining compliance requirements, scheduling the targets, and getting alerts for the non compliances. The software has a stupendous feature which allows user to track and monitor the compliance, which at times become painful if operating multi location/multi people. “Alerts on Time” makes the software the most sought after software solution to track the compliance on the whole.
The product has been well accepted in the market, including at multinational levels companies.
You can also classify your requirements in the following 3 or more heads, as required:-
1.       External compliances as above.
2.       Internal compliances in the form of various MIS reports.
3.       Personal compliances.
You can in fact control almost anything you like such as project activities etc. through the software. The product is available either through website or on your desktop, as required by you, on very attractive user charges.

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