Monday, 9 April 2012

Compliance Mantra is a unique software solution designed by FSL Software Technologies Ltd., to monitor and track the day to day compliances that occur in normal business operations. The software has significant features that set it apart, from the conventional way of monitoring and tracking Compliance.
Compliance Mantra provides a platform whereby user(s) can define the compliance requirement as per their business, operations, or even statutory and regulatory requirements; can schedule the compliance submission targets; and allocate job responsibility. Further, Compliance Mantra helps in organizing the documents submitted, besides generating alerts for the due and overdue compliances.
The primary challenge that businesses face is in adhering to the deadlines for their statutory & regulatory obligations. Organizations with various companies and agencies have too many compliance requirements to address. Monitoring and tracking compliance against their target dates is at time unmanageable. To sort the problem, Compliance Mantra is designed, which will give the user the discretion to track their due dates, target dates and actual compliance done date.
Compliance Mantra generates reports on various parameters and combinations of Agency(ies); Company(ies); Responsibility(ies); department(s) and scheduled months.
The software works on team collaboration concept, where management/users can view compliance done by other and can suggest remarks and comments. The software throws alerts for pending or overdue jobs. The user can actually create a library of files (database), which may be required at any point of time in the operational work as proof. People can access the documents attached. Monitoring and tracking of the compliance, is one of the stand alone feature that sets Compliance Mantra aside of the others and giving automation to the current working systems.

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